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Senator Jeff Brandes Backs Clean Energy Bills For 2021 Legislative Session

Brandes wants Florida to have more electric vehicle charging stations. He's proposing a grant program to help with that mission. Brandes says a lot of Florida's infrastructure is funded by the gas tax, which electric vehicle owners don't pay.

"So, we have to find an alternative source for revenue for EVs. But we want to make sure those fees, those funds at least for the first few years are dedicated towards improving infrastructure as far as charging infrastructure across the state," Brandes says.

The grant would give money to cities and counties to build electric vehicle charging stations. State agencies, public universities, libraries, and more can also apply for the grant. Brandes says the program's funds would come from an additional license tax for electric vehicles.

"For the first five years, those funds will go directly into the transportation trust fund, and that should generate from those funds will be used to establish the grant program," Brandes says.

The tax would also apply to plug-in hybrid vehicles. Brandes' other proposals include creating a Task Force to determine Florida's needs for electric energy and how to meet them. Brandes also wants to allow companies to sell their excess solar power to neighboring businesses.

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