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Incumbents Largely Rule Local Races In Broward County's March 9 Election

Courtesy of Joe Scott's Twitter account, @JoeScottSOE
Broward County Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott tweeted this photo the morning of the March 9 elections. "It’s Election Day and I’m checking in voters at Le Club Century Village in [Deerfield Beach]. Later I’ll be in Coconut Creek... and Sea Castle Elementary in Miramar. The back to @BrowardVotes to wrap up. This is my first election as SOE, wish me luck! #BrowardVotes"

This story has been updated with results as of 9 p.m. Tuesday, March 9.

The percent turnout for local elections in five Broward County municipalities Tuesday is higher than the full turnout of the March local elections in 2019.

Turnout was just over 14%, according to election night data from the county supervisor of elections office. In March 2019, the last municipal elections not tied to a presidential election, total turnout was just under 9.5%. Tuesday's elections did not beat the turnout last March, during the 2020 presidential preference primary, which was more than 25%.

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Part of the reason for the higher municipal turnout this cycle, is a higher amount of eligible voters were mailed vote-by-mail ballots — due to the pandemic and how many more people requested them for the 2020 presidential election. That request carries through this year, though that could change if a bill moving through the legislature (CS/SB 90) changes how frequently Florida voters have to request vote-by-mail ballots.

More than 141,800 people across the five municipalities were eligible to vote Tuesday in Broward County. Close to 20,000 people cast ballots — more than 13,200 by mail and over 4,100 cast in person at polls on Election Day. More of that breakdown will be available Wednesday.

A roundup of candidates in which race, and in which part of Broward:

  1. Coconut Creek elected three city commissioners.
  • District B city commission candidates:
    • Nikitress Vachon Lewis
    • Jacqueline Mary Railey

Neither candidate was an incumbent, Railey won the race, taking home more than 83% of the votes.

  • District C city commission candidates:
    • Patricia Louise Duaybes
    • Wesner St Vil
    • Sandra L. Welch

Incumbent Sandy Welch won reelection with nearly 74% of the votes.

  • District E city commission candidates:
    • Lauren Linville
    • Joshua David Rydell

Incumbent Rydell was also reelected and brought home more than 66.5% of the votes.

2. Deerfield Beach (District 3 only) also reelected an incumbent to continue as city commissioner. The candidates:

  • Richard S. Rosenzweig
  • Bernie Parness

Parness, the incumbent, won the race, taking in almost 68% of the votes.

3. Hillsboro Beach elected one town commissioner. The candidates:

  • Barbara Baldasarre
  • Vicky Feaman
  • Frank J. Kolb Jr.
  • Deb Tarrant

Tarrant, the mayor, won the race, bringing in more than 32% of the votes. She was most closely followed by Baldasarre who brought home close to 27% of the votes.

4. Miramar overwhelmingly reelected three incumbents to continue serving as city commissioners.

  • Candidates for Seat 1:
    • Maxwell B. Chambers
    • Chris Koval
    • Kerri-Ann Nesbeth

Chambers won re-election, taking home nearly 53% of the votes.

  • Candidates for Seat 2:
    • Yvette Colbourne
    • Darline Riggs

Colbourne won the race with more than 66% of the votes.

  • Candidates for Seat 3:
    • Winston Barnes
    • Val B. Glenister
    • Sylvia Grandberry
    • Lixon Nelson
    • Nari Tomlinson

Barnes won the race with more than 60.5% of the votes.

5. Sea Ranch Lakes elected one village council member. The candidates:

  • Denise Bryan
  • Douglas F. Hodgson
  • Raymond J. Sanchez
  • John L. Tomlinson
  • Elias R. Zenkich

Bryan won the race, bringing in just over 31% of the votes.

For a full rundown of election results, visit our news partner at the South Florida Sun Sentinel.