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Calling Students, Teachers And Parents: Join WLRN For A Virtual Field Trip To The South Florida Fair

An illustration advertising an upcoming WLRN virtual event with animated images of children in Zoom windows (right)
Graphic design by Cassidy Alexander, illustration by Camila Kerwin
Middle and high schoolers are invited to share a message to their future selves about what it was like to go to school during the pandemic. We'll share some of their answers during a live virtual field trip on May 17.

WLRN is hosting a live virtual field trip for middle and high school students to "visit" the South Florida Fair and share their #ClassOfCOVID stories.

Marjory missed nine months of classes because she didn't have internet access at home.

Gabrielle's grades began to slip when she started going to school online.

And after months of taking classes on a computer, Eden felt like she was going to have to learn how to work hard all over again.

These are some of the stories of the Class of COVID-19 — and now, we want to hear yours, too.

In February, Florida Public Media launched the statewide multimedia project Class of COVID-19: An Education Crisis For Florida's Vulnerable Students. In a radio documentary, an hour-long television special and newsletter, public media journalists from around the state documented what it was like for kids to go to school in Florida during a global pandemic.

Now, WLRN is inviting South Florida middle and high school students to share their own #ClassOfCOVID stories as part of a live virtual field trip to the South Florida Fair, which this year features a Smithsonian-style Class of COVID-19 exhibit. The fair opens Friday and continues through May 23 at the Palm Beach County fairgrounds in West Palm Beach.

Join WLRN reporters Wilkine Brutus and Jessica Bakeman on May 17 for a virtual tour of the South Florida Fair, including a stop at the Class of COVID-19 exhibit. Following the tour, the hosts will moderate a live streamed conversation with South Florida middle and high schoolers about what the past year has been like for them.

Teachers and parents are encouraged to bring kids along — whether students are learning from home or in person — by tuning in at 11:30 a.m. on May 17 on WLRN's YouTube or Facebook pages.

Want to participate? Here are the details:

Students: What would you tell your future self about going to school during this pandemic? Share your message with us on social media. And be creative! Post it on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram with the hashtag #ClassOfCOVID or tag us @WLRN. Or email your note-to-future-self to classofcovid@wlrnnews.org.

Middle and high school teachers: Ask your students to answer the prompt above, and then join us for our live virtual field trip and discussion at 11:30 a.m. on May 17 on WLRN's YouTube or Facebook pages.

Questions? Email classofcovid@wlrnnews.org or text 786-677-0767