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Two Pelicans Released Back Into the Wild On The Sands Of Miami Beach

Photo of a brown pelican being released back into the wild on the sand of Miami Beach as students and reporters gather, along with Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.
Kristin Moorehead
A brown pelican being released back into the wild on Miami Beach.

Amanda Greenberg was going for a jog in February when she stumbled across an injured bird.

“There was a cat waiting to attack it because it was so weak. So I shooed the cat away, and with the help of another man who was also a fellow animal lover, rescued the bird," she said.

She and the man gave the bird to Pelican Harbor Seabird Station, a native wildlife rescue in Miami.

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Hannah McDougall works for Pelican Harbor. She said the bird had a number of injuries when it came in, including a hook, an infection and a fracture. The bird stayed in Pelican Harbor's care for more than 100 days.

The organization has rehabilitated more than 37,000 pelicans since it was founded in 1980. McDougall says they hope to save 2,500 birds by the end of this year.

The brown pelican, and another, were finally able to be released back into the wild. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber and some children from North Shore Park Youth Center helped let the birds free. They cheered as both birds, one after the other, flew off into the sky.

The mayor even named the birds after two famous Miami Beach residents: Gloria and Emilio.

Kristin Moorehead is a 2021 WLRN summer intern and recent graduate of the University of Florida with a B.S. in Telecommunication.
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