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More Than 300 Chickens, Spurs And A 'Bloody Fighting Ring' — Keys Cops Make Arrest On Cockfighting Charges

An image of chickens in cages on Rockland Key, where the Monroe County Sheriff's Office made an arrest on cockfighting charges.
Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Monroe County Sheriff's Office detectives found more than 300 chickens and a 'bloody fighting ring' at the property on Rockland Key.

Cockfighting has been illegal in Florida since 1986 but it still goes on — including, apparently, in the Florida Keys.

The Monroe County Sheriff's office got a tip that chickens were being bred to fight at a property on Rockland Key, about four miles from Key West.

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Three detectives went to the edge of the property and saw lots of caged chickens, a "bloody fighting ring" and a bait stick, the sheriff's office reported. A bait stick is a fake chicken head used to rile up roosters in the ring. The sheriff's office reported many of the roosters were injured.

The detectives got a search warrant and came back where they found 310 chickens, along with spurs, scales, sewing needles, syringes, liquid drugs used to treat infections and stopwatches.

A 54-year-old Key West man was booked into jail Monday on two felony charges: owning property used for animal fighting and owning equipment used for animal fighting.

The Florida Keys SPCA, which handles animal control for the county, took charge of the chickens.

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