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WLRN News recognized with 3 National Headliner Awards

WLRN News earned three National Headliner Awards in this year's competition, which has been administered by the Press Club of Atlantic City since 1934.

WLRN's work competed with news organizations of diverse sizes from around the country and it was recognized in the following radio categories:

WLRN's collaboration with other Florida Public Media stations won second place in the documentary or public affairs category for “Class of COVID-19: An Education Crisis for Florida's Vulnerable Students.” WLRN's Jessica Bakeman led the project.

WLRN's "Surfside Condo Collapse" coverage won third place for breaking news or continuing coverage of a single news event.

WLRN reporter Veronica Zaragovia won third place in the pandemic coverage category for her feature story,
“COVID-19 Survivor: 'Corona Is Real. It's Not A Myth'.”

WLRN has won 22 National Headliner Awards since 2012.

Click here for a complete list of recipients.

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