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Only three reviewers rejected math textbooks for CRT violations, but Florida rejected dozens more

Tampa Bay Times
Florida’s DeSantis administration said that it found instances of critical race theory in math textbooks used in the state.

When the Florida Department of Education announced it was rejecting 54 math textbooks, it pointed to a “thorough review” process that found more than half of those books included “prohibited topics,” including critical race theory and social-emotional learning.

A Miami Herald review of nearly 6,000 pages of textbook examinations, however, shows just three state reviewers — including a sophomore studying politics at a conservative college in Michigan — said four math books violated a state rule that prohibits the teaching of critical race theory. The state defines the theory as a concept that “racism is embedded in American society and its legal system in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons.”

The three represent 2.4% of the 125 math textbook reviewers.

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