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ARTECHOUSE brings experiential art to Miami Beach

"Renewal 2121" at ARTECHOUSE.
Photo courtesy of ARTECHOUSE. Photograph by Max Rykov
"Renewal 2121" at ARTECHOUSE.

Light, music and art transport me on an immersive, interactive journey 100 years from now through an overdeveloped metropolis reminiscent of Tokyo.

While sitting in the immersion gallery, I felt as if I was being transported. I swept my hands across a cyberpunk cityscape, encouraging cherry blossoms to bloom. The music deepened my senses. I felt sadness. I felt hope. And I wondered… what kind of a world will we live in as humanity continues to grow and expand.

Experiential art exhibits are popping up around the world. In Miami Beach, ARTECHOUSE’s newest exhibit “Renewal 2121,” explores climate change using augmented reality, sound technology and sci-fi images.

“It’s an opportunity for visitors to step out and be participators and creators of their own experience versus just passive viewers,” said Tatiana Pastukhova, the founder of ARTECHOUSE.

ARTECHOUSE was founded in 2015 as an outlet for artists who use technology as their primary medium. They have locations in Washington D.C., New York City — and, in 2018, they opened a space in Miami Beach. “We naturally came down to Miami. It’s a big cultural hub for a diverse group of artists and creatives.”

Pastukhova said this exhibit utilizes creative technology to raise public awareness about the dangers posed to the environment. “How do we create and inspire and empower the VanGoghs of today and the VanGoghs of the future? It’s not about going back and reimagining how we can experience the old– but how do we use the tools of today to tell the stories of today, to connect to the audience of today.”

The upstairs galleries offer interactive exhibits–including a Japanese daiko drum experience.

“Renewal 2121” will be on view until the end of August. Tickets are available online at artechouse.com.

For another experiential art experience in Miami, check out Superblue Miami, superblue.com.

There are two immersive experiences of classic painters in Miami: Klimt, The Immersive Experience, Klimtexpo.com and Van Gogh, The Immersive Experience, vangoghexpo.com.

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