Florida School District Vows Not To Discriminate Based On Hair

Feb 6, 2020
Michael Frankel / SNJTODAY.COM via Sun Sentinel

Dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, spikes: All will be allowed under a Palm Beach County school policy that will ban hair discrimination.

School Board members agreed on Wednesday to approve a policy that explicitly states that bias based on hair will be prohibited.

The state Legislature is considering a similar rule: An Orlando lawmaker filed a bill that would outlaw discrimination based on hairstyles and textures associated with a Floridian’s race.

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In 2001, there was no bigger fan of Colombian megastar Shakira than my 12-year-old Venezuelan niece Andrea. That summer she was here in Miami when my boss asked me to interview Shakira. So I took Andrea along to meet her idol. (I figured it’d cinch me at least one relative who’d visit me in a nursing home someday.)

Fort Lauderdale sewage
Caitie Switalski / WLRN

It's become part of daily life for Fort Lauderdale residents: pipes are breaking.

Six sewage main breaks in December spilled nearly 127 million gallons of waste into streets, yards and the city's waterways. It's impacting where residents can swim, and if they should boil water before they brush their teeth. 


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Miami-Dade Mayor Runs For Congress 

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has announced his run for Congress to represent Florida’s 26th Congressional District.

South Florida is getting new flood risk maps that are redrawing the lines for what property is in high-risk areas.

The maps, set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, are used for city and county planning, determining which areas need flood insurance, and generally managing areas susceptible to flooding.

FEMA officials say the new maps are needed. Some of the data used to draw the ones currently in use across South Florida are 40 years old.

Nadege Green / WLRN News

While most of South Florida was getting ready for the Super Bowl in Miami Gardens, about 20 people gathered at Margaret Pace Park in Miami, 14 miles south, to call on and honor their ancestors during the first week of Black History Month. 

Patient At A South Florida Hospital Was Tested For Coronavirus

Feb 5, 2020
Susan Stocker / Sun Sentinel

A potential case of coronavirus disrupted emergency operations at a Hollywood hospital on Friday, but nearly a week later, the Florida health department won’t confirm even that a person was tested.

The incident appeared significant: hospital workers told at least one fire-rescue department not to bring anyone to Memorial Regional Hospital’s emergency room, and another department was told to wear masks.


Former NPR host Diane Rehm’s new book, "When My Time Comes," explores the movement nationwide to allow for terminally ill patients to access end of life drugs.

Miami-Dade Commissioners Pledge To Remove 'Dixie Highway' From Roadways

Feb 5, 2020
Carl Juste / Miami Herald

Miami-Dade commissioners pledged Tuesday to remove “Dixie Highway” from county road signs after the board’s senior African-American declared the longstanding name a tribute to the states that fought to keep Americans enslaved during the Civil War.

Parkland Father Fred Guttenberg Escorted From State Of The Union After Shouting At President Trump

Feb 5, 2020

The father of a high school freshman killed in the 2018 mass shooting at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was removed from the audience at President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night after shouting out during the president’s speech.

Michael Laughlin / South Florida Sun Sentinel

The building boom in full swing in Fort Lauderdale might just hit a wall as city leaders struggle to contain a never-ending series of sewer pipe breaks.

Critics of the city’s ongoing development spurt have been calling for a moratorium for years. Developers have been just as outspoken in opposing what they call a drastic measure that would have dire effects on the city’s tax base.

Pete Buttigieg
Courtesy of Christine Hunschofsky / WLRN

The first results from last night's Iowa Caucus — nearly a day late — show former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders fighting for first place in the state's Democratic contest for the White House.

Ex-Broward Sheriff Scott Israel: Court Battle Should Continue

Feb 4, 2020
Miami Herald File

TALLAHASSEE — Arguing that proceedings resulting in his ouster “were little more than a sham,” former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel wants a federal judge to reject a request by Senate President Bill Galvano and Gov. Ron DeSantis to toss out a lawsuit challenging Israel’s removal from office.

Patrick Semansky / AP via Miami Herald

This story was updated at 10 p.m.

Though it was a last-minute surprise, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó was after all invited to attend President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night and was hailed by Trump during the speech as Venezuela's "true and legitimate President."


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Legislative Session Update

Guns at places of worship? That question's being debated during this year’s legislative session. A number of bills filed could expand where Florida residents are allowed to bring concealed weapons. Jim Saunders, a reporter with News Service of Florida, has been following gun-related bills closely and joins Sundial for an update.

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