Danny Hwang

Intern, Spring 2018

Danny Hwang is in his final undergraduate quarter at Northwestern University's journalism school. He will be moving on to the graduate program in Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Northwestern in the fall of 2018. He is a music fan through and through, having founded the Korean indie music show at Northwestern's campus radio station as a freshman and writing for the online magazine Korean Indie. He has also produced studio live performances of musicians on and off campus, in addition to a weekly music podcast.

During his time at WLRN, Danny has brought more music to to the station, starting from his coverage of music-related news and culminating in the creation and production of the weekly live music series "Live From The 305." The series hosts local musicians every Monday at 3:05 p.m. to perform live music at the WLRN studios, broadcast live on the station's Facebook page.

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Danny has been a Chicago resident throughout his time in college. While he had never been to Miami before working at WLRN, he has quickly fallen in love with the station and South Florida.

Lily Oppenheimer

Set up cameras, react, edit, and repeat. Do this well enough and you just might rack up a million followers on Youtube.

Danny Hwang

The law studies class in Brownsville Middle School just got a lot more engaging: students are getting a law academy lab, complete with jury rooms and witness stands.

For the past 3 years, law studies class at Brownsville middle school involved mock trials and field trips to local courtrooms, in an effort to bring students into closer contact with the workings of law.

Danny Hwang

Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday that red light cameras can stay in the city of Aventura.

The dispute had been centered around having third party contractors operate the cameras. While initial footage is collected by non-government workers, they follow a guideline provided by the city of Aventura to sift through the footage to send along to the police. Trained police officers then have the final say in issuing tickets, which is why judges ruled the red light camera program constitutional.

Danny Hwang

Peak mosquito season is coming and Miami-Dade County officials say they are ready to fight it with a new weapon: a bacteria that makes mosquitos sterile. 

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez said in a press conference Wednesday that the county will be using the Wolbachia bacteria to handle the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which is seen as being primarily responsible for transmitting diseases like Dengue and Zika.

Teresa Frontado / WLRN News

Since 1981, Michael Stock has been hosting “Folk & Acoustic Music” on WLRN, every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. His shows feature all types of folk music, from old-time to contemporary, in addition to hosting live in-studio performances of local and touring musicians. His Youtube channel features more than 900 videos of studio live performances, while the performances are also broadcast live on WLRN’s Facebook page.

Danny Hwang

What does an orchestra for the 21st century look like? Miami’s Nu Deco Ensemble has been asking that question for the past three years. Founded and led by conductor Jacomo Bairos and composer Sam Hyken, Nu Deco Ensemble is a genre-bending orchestra, both in terms of featured instruments and music.

Danny Hwang

Airlines struggle with customer satisfaction; late departures and arrivals, lost baggage, and overbooking are chronic headaches for fliers. Budget airlines, offering lower fares for a no-frills flight experience, especially suffer from low customer satisfaction.

Spirit Airlines is one such company seeking to improve the flying experience. It announced plans today to install Wi-Fi on all of its planes by summer of 2019; 97 percent of flight routes will be covered by satellite-based internet connections.

Danny Hwang / WLRN News

South Florida moms celebrated Mother’s Day by hosting a panel discussion about climate change resilience, calling it a "Mama Summit."

The moms, who represent a group called Moms Clean Air Force, told government officials they share a concern for a sustainable future.

Karina Castillo is the Florida Field Consultant for the group, a national community of over one million parents working to combat air pollution and climate change. She emphasized the importance of local community engagement against climate change.

Miami Herald

A federal grand jury has indicted an officer at the Miami-Dade juvenile lockup, charging him with overseeing a "bounty system" that resulted in the death of a 17-year-old detainee.

Danny Hwang

As part of a project to find the best edible plants to grow in space, NASA has turned to South Florida students.

High school and middle schoolers participating in the Fairchild Challenge educational competition are helping select food plants appropriate for growing aboard a spacecraft by conducting plant experiments, specially designed through the Growing Beyond Earth partnership between the space agency and the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. 

Danny Hwang

Hours before legendary Cuban jazz musician Chucho Valdés and Brazilian guitarist Diego Figueiredo performed at the Adrienne Arsht Center,  a group of Miami-Dade County high school musicians got to have an exclusive preview of the show. 

Some 150 students filed into the Arsht Center’s Knight Concert Hall where Chucho Valdés and his band, the Afro-Cuban Messengers, were busy rehearsing for their show later in the evening. The young performers also got time to ask questions of all the musicians as part of the Jazz Roots program. 

Danny Hwang

Student survivors from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High hosted a "listening party" on Wednesday evening to encourage an exchange of ideas within the school community about how to address gun violence. 

The event, which took place at a Marriott Hotel in Coral Springs, was closed to the public and media. It was, however, followed by a press conference at which the participants, many of them student group leaders at the Parkland school, opened themselves up to press.

Danny Hwang

State and national faith leaders gathered in front of the Trump National Resort in Doral on Tuesday to rally against the annual conference of Community Financial Services Association of America.

Rev. Rachel Gunter Shapard, from Jacksonville, said payday lending catches Floridians in a vicious cycle of debt.

“Their loan is immediately paid off because it’s taken right out of the top of their income," she said. "And then there’s a hole in their budget and they can’t pay their rent, they can’t buy groceries, they have to immediately turn around and take out another loan."

Leslie Ovalle / WLRN News

President Donald Trump visited South Florida Monday and heard Cuban-American business owners heap praise on him for his $1.5 trillion tax cut package.