Keith Jenkins

Keith W. Jenkins, Director of Digital Content, has been a manager and strategist specializing in digital storytelling for most of his career. He has worked in both traditional and digital organizations, helping them understand their audiences, create delivery platforms, refine their content, and produce high-impact and award-winning journalism.

Jenkins' teams have earned Pulitzer, Emmy, Peabody, Murrow, World Press, and Webby awards for The Washington Post, NPR, and National Geographic. Jenkins first came to NPR from The Washington Post in 2008 and spent five years setting up the multimedia department before heading to National Geographic in 2013. Jenkins returned to NPR as Director of Visual Journalism in 2017.

In an era when photographs are produced by the hundreds of thousands every second, the death of photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank on Monday presents an opportunity: not only to mourn him, but to honor an artist who taught many of us how to see the world around us more discretely, frame by intimate frame.