Laura Coburn

Awards coordinator

As Awards Coordinator for WLRN’s radio news team, I identify media award competitions and ensure my colleagues' outstanding work is submitted for consideration on the national, regional, state and local level.

In my experience, good journalists are more interested in the quality of their work and upgrading their skills than in seeking professional recognition, and without someone to handle the detailed process of entering their stories, shows, specials, digital treatments and more into contests, they’d miss out on the honors they deserve.

Every year, I’m humbled by the breadth and depth of the talent and remarkable work this team produces and am honored to support my co-workers and the station in this way. Winning juried awards also validates our audience’s judgment that WLRN airs exceptional, original work worthy of attention and support.

My other key responsibility includes working with employees, freelancers, interns and vendors supporting the billing, payment and payroll process.

I’m an FIU graduate and a former radio newscaster, writer and training professional delighted to have grown up and made my home in a region that’s warm, diverse and always interesting.

WLRN journalists Nadege Green and Tim Padgett were selected by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) as recipients of several awards for work produced during 2015.  Nadege covers South Florida’s black and Haitian communities, while Tim focuses on stories and commentary involving Latin America and the Caribbean.

Twelve hours after Danny dissipated, Erika was established as the season's fifth named storm in the Atlantic Basin. The newly formed tropical cyclone was moving quickly to the west-northwest at 20 mph and on a similar path to its predecessor heading for South Florida. Water temperatures, moisture levels and upper-level winds were all adequate for steady strengthening. WLRN News anchor Christine DiMattei kept listeners updated with regular reports from the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network.