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The banned books debate, FPL price hike and solar access, Black Poetry

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A parent’s right to approve or not approve their child’s reading list. FPL raised rates for most customers. Plus, new proposed bills could change your access to solar energy. And South Florida poets showcase their reflections about Black History.

On this Wednesday, February 16, edition of Sundial:

The banned books debate

Have you ever been worried about a book your child's been reading in school?

Maybe you disagreed with the subject or a topic that comes up around book report time. What would you do if you were in that position?

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There may be a new process coming to local school districts as part of a series of bills that Florida lawmakers are moving through the legislature – that work to focus on parents' rights.

Specifically, one of those parents' rights bills this year focuses on reviewing and being able to search reading materials in classrooms and in libraries.

Sundial was joined by Deborah Caldwell Stone, the Director of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom. She works on projects "addressing censorship and privacy in the library."

The banned books debate

FPL price hike and solar access

You might’ve noticed a price increase in your utility bill lately.

Florida Power and Light say that money will go towards reducing emissions, more solar power and more service reliability.

Those price hikes were approved by state regulators. But some consumer advocate groups are pushing back. They call the price hikes unfair.

Sundial was joined by Dave Jenkins, the President of Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship. They’re also opposing legislation that they say would take away financial incentives for individuals interested in solar and kill the solar power industry.

FPL argues that rooftop solar customers aren’t paying their fair share and the reforms in the proposed legislation are necessary as solar has become more affordable and popular.

FPL price hike and solar access

Black Poetry

WLRN TV is featuring a new series of videos of South Florida Black poets performing their work.

They were shot at the Historic Hampton House, and they're running during Black History Month.

Sundial was joined by poet Darius Daughtry, WLRN TV's Michael Anderson and Director Fabian Cardenas.

Black Poetry

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