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Sundial: Writer Nadege Green creates a record of gun violence in her native Miami

Courtesy of WLRN
'More Than What Happened: The Aftermath of Gun Violence in Miami' is a new anthology from O, Miami edited by former WLRN reporter Nadege Green.

My father was shot and killed two years ago. For a long time, the only thing I could bring myself to write about him was his eulogy.

Courtesy of Carlos Frías
Carlos Frías' father, Fernando Frías, at Domino Park in Little Havana.

I used to write about my dad, Fernando, all the time. I wrote about being raised by a man in an apron, who taught me to cook in the tiny kitchen behind the Carol City jewelry store he owned with my mom.

I wrote about watching his eyes fill when he stood among thousands of other exiled Cubans outside of Versailles the day they learned Fidel Castro had died.

I never thought I’d have to write about my 92-year-old father being shot to death.

Nadege Green saw what I wrote. And she included it in her new book published by O Miami, More Than What Happened: The Aftermath of Gun Violence in Miami. It’s an anthology of what guns have taken from us. It’s a collection of stories, photos and poems from our neighbors in Miami-Dade County — who’ve lost loved ones. Who’ve survived shootings. Who live with daily gunfire outside their homes.

Green is a historian of Black culture, a lifelong Miami native — and a friend. Many of the works she includes in this anthology are from her time as a reporter here at WLRN.

“Radio doesn't cover gun violence in the sense of just announcing a shooting happened. But what radio does do and what I am interested in is the interiority. Radio takes you into spaces. Radio brings you to people. And that's what I wanted to do with the stories around gun violence,” said Green.

On Thursday's Sundial, we’ll spend the hour with her. With this book.

'More Than What Happened: The Aftermath of Gun Violence in Miami', presented by O, Miami and Nadege Green

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