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These South Florida students are tackling book bans and language barriers

Stephanie Balderas (left) and Brooke Simmons (right) are two recipients of the 2023 Silver Knight awards.
Miami Herald
Stephanie Balderas (left) and Brooke Simmons (right) are two recipients of the 2023 Silver Knight awards.

Great ideas like the ones Stephanie Balderas and Brooke Simmons came up with can start small.

They can start with a problem, a challenge or just something that makes you angry. And then those problems can seed something that blossoms into a solution.

Brooke and Stephanie both took problems they saw in the world and turned them into public service projects. For it, they were named among 30 Silver Knight Award winners. The annual awards honor high school seniors who found solutions to problems in South Florida.

Stephanie hated seeing one of her favorite books banned. Books taught her how to read when her family moved here from Mexico. So she set out to put precious, banned books into the hands of anyone who wanted them.

Brooke’s family immigrated from Ethiopia. When she and her grandfather had trouble communicating, she designed a system for English speakers to learn his language — and about their culture.

On the June 8 episode of Sundial, two Silver Knight winners from Miami-Dade and Broward County: Brooke Simmons and Stephanie Balderas, respectively, joined us to talk about their projects.

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