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This oral historian is using social media to share Broward's Black history

Courtesy of
Emmanuel George

Emmanuel George is trying to wrap his arms around all of Broward County’s Black history.

As you can imagine, it’s an ambitious goal. The entryway to Emmanuel’s work and passion is his Instagram page, Black Broward. It’s an account dedicated to Broward County’s Black history.

That's where he shares the county’s Black history through old photos, newspaper clippings and archival video. It’s a peek into all the different kinds of work he’s doing to highlight Broward’s Black history.

George is an oral historian who collected the stories of Black elders dating back to before South Florida’s tumultuous integration.

He’s also a filmmaker who has shot several documentaries about important moments and places in Broward’s Black history.

As an archivist, he digitizes historical documents and vintage photos that are publicly available online through the Broward County Library System. He’s a community historian at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center.

Emmanuel finds ways to celebrate Black art too. From starting a Black Art Week to highlighting Broward’s connections to artists like James Brown and Esther Rolle from Good Times.

On the Nov. 8 episode of Sundial, we talk about his interests in Broward’s Black history, which is just as varied as his Instagram account.

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