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The South Florida Roundup
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Each week, journalists and newsmakers from South Florida analyze and debate some of the most topical issues from across the region.

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Latest Episodes
  • On the South Florida Roundup we examined why so many Miami politicians are up in arms — after the federal Transportation Security Administration hosted a tour at Miami International Airport for an official delegation from Cuba (01:03). We also looked at the controversy at Town Park Village, the Overtown housing cooperative whose issues were exposed this month by WLRN (19:03). And we asked why King Willonius of Delray Beach and his popular track “BBL Drizzy” are the country’s latest AI music dispute (34:35).
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we examined the tragic death of 15-year-old Ella Riley Adler – killed when a boat struck her last weekend as she was wake-boarding off Key Biscayne. Are boating accidents becoming too common in too-crowded Biscayne Bay? (01:03) We also looked at a raft of projects being planned to better move folks to and around the Florida Keys (19:05). And we talked with the director of a documentary that follows Venezuelan journalists busting the Venezuelan kleptocracy (33:52).
  • On The South Florida Roundup, we looked at the controversy surrounding Aileen Cannon, the Miami-raised federal judge who’s facing a storm of criticism over her handling of former President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial (01:02). We also said farewell to WLRN's education reporter Kate Payne — but not before she weighed in on some critical issues (18:43). And we discussed Panama’s president-elect, José Raúl Mulino, who wants to shut down a route so many migrants use to get here (34:30).
  • On The South Florida Roundup, we dedicated an entire episode to the housing crisis in South Florida and how to create more affordable housing as the cost of renting or owning a home, from Palm Beach to Key West, becomes more and more out of reach. We discussed the remedies that are gaining consensus across the region and across the state, from increased housing density to ramped-up housing vouchers. And we looked at how South Florida is or isn’t putting those answers to work.
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we looked at what to expect if Florida voters approve a ballot measure in November to greenlight recreational marijuana use (01:01). We also asked whether residing in Miami-Dade County should be a prerequisite for being elected Sheriff of Miami-Dade County because several candidates live in Broward (18:42). And we discussed a genocide trial underway in Guatemala and why the events that happen there matters here (34:47).
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we discussed the Broward bog-down: Schools superintendent Peter Licata retires after less than a year on the job – while the district settles in court to pay tens of millions of dollars to charter schools (01:03). We also looked at how West Palm Beach is restoring the idea of public spaces as “third places (18:37).” And we examined why the Biden Administration had to re-tighten the oil sanctions screws on Venezuela this week – and what it all means for expat voters here (34:45).
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we spoke with Ben Crump, the attorney for Donald Armstrong, the Liberty City man shot by Miami police last month during a mental health episode. Does the case revive issues about Miami police training? (01:03) We also looked at what happens now that Miami’s district map has been dumped because of its racial gerrymandering (15:10). And we talked about the new interactive Everglades restoration visuals for the WLRN podcast Bright Lit Place (28:09).
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we updated listeners on the worsening crisis in Haiti: Powerful gangs making a violent bid for political clout; political bosses holding up a new transitional government; the deeper suffering of Haitians themselves (01:02). We also looked at the legal battle raging in Broward County over how much money public schools are required to give charter schools (08:20). And we examined whether Florida’s draconian new abortion law may steer women here toward Latin America (21:38).
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we talked about a lawsuit filed by two FIU students from China and a UF professor that challenges a Florida law blocking some foreign research recruitment (00:04). We also discussed Miami-Dade County’s new tourism district in the Redland and what it could mean for the area (16:58). And the economic engine of pornography in South Florida (32:23).
  • On the South Florida Roundup, we speak to the president of Stand with Parkland, Tony Montalto, ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’ scheduled tour of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (01:02). We discuss elections in Palm Beach County and spoke to the youngest person ever voted into the Pembroke Pines city commission (16:53). And we hear the latest on Miami City Manager Art Noriega's controversial furniture business dealings from the WLRN Investigations team (34:04).