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State Of The Race Turns Sachs, Bogdanoff Into Generic Partisan Placeholders

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Must be awful to be objectified like this, particularly if you're a serious state senator like Ellyn Bogdanoff (R-Hollywood) or Maria Sachs (D-Delray Beach).  They're running for their second terms against each other in the Senate's only incumbent-on-incumbent cage match.

Each has money coming in and their polls are about even, but their records are entirely beside the point. What really matters, writes Kathleen Haughney in the Sun-Sentinel, is the "D" by one name and "R" by the other:

"It has nothing to do with Maria Sachs and Ellyn Bogdanoff," Sachs told the Sun-Sentinel last week. "If a Democat wins the seat, then Republicans will not have a two-thirds majority in the Senate, and they can't change the rules whenever they want." The Bogdanoff-Sachs contest is one of the most high-profile legislative races this year, named by both parties as their No. 1 priority. . .A Bogdanoff win would help Republicans hold on to a two-thirds majority in the 40-member Senate, a virtual stranglehold that allows them to pass most of their legislative priorities without even consulting Democrats. It's given an urgency to this race that most other state legislative races don't have.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in Senate District 34 but the latest poll gives Bogdanoff, the Republican, a slight, inside-the-margin lead over Sachs.