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Hugo Chávez Returns to Venezuela: Now What?


Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is back in his home country after more than two months recovering from his latest cancer surgery in Cuba. Celebrations ensued throughout the country on Monday as he made his way back to the capital, Caracas, following his extended absence.

But as tens of thousands of Venezuelan expatriates monitor in South Florida, his return may raise more questions than it answers.

For example:

  • Is he coming back to resign his office?
  • When, or will he, be seen or heard again in public?
  • What happens if Chávez is too sick to continue his duties as president?
  • What does the opposition think about their chances of regaining power?
  • What about Venezuela’s recent announcement that it is devaluing its currency?

WLRN’s Phil Latzman talks with Miami Herald South America bureau chief Jim Wyss about what may or may not happen next.

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