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Remix The News: David Kobert, Miami Dolphins And Circus Politics

Original photo from Miami Dolphins with added pizzazz by Kenny Malone

We're a little over two weeks away from the scheduled Miami-Dade County referendum on proposed upgrades to the Miami Dolphins' Sun Life Stadium.

State lawmakers still need to approve a local hotel tax increase and a Dolphins subsidy that would help pay for the renovations. If that happens, the public will have a chance to officially vote on the upgrades on May 14th. 

Until then, we figured we'd give our audience a different way to express their feelings on the issue:

As part of WLRN's Remix the News Challenge: Sun Life Stadium Edition, we're asking people (both expert and amateur) to help us hear what the stadium renovations debate sounds like to them.

Today we bring you the work of David Kobert. His remix came to us through the Public Insight Network. It was the first submission we got and one of the most intricate for sure.
We asked Dave a little about his inspiration and insights from the time he spent with the Sun Life Stadium audio.

Credit Courtesy of David Kobert
David Kobert, ad exec. by day, remix-the-news master by night.

WLRN: Dave, who are you? How is it that you seem to have alchemist, mix-meister skills?

Kobert: I am a TV professional with more than 20 years of experience. I spent 11 years working for Channel 7, WSVN-TV,  briefly as a news editor and then 10 years as a sports producer, editor, interviewer and more. As a former member of the media, I have spent countless hours dissecting interviews, press conferences, public relations spin, apologies and news soundbites of every nature.  My trained ear allows me to cut to the heart of the soundbite, finding the most revealing or entertaining words that best capture the message. I have also worked as a TV producer/editor for the Miami Heat and for TV stations in West Palm Beach handling commercial production and promotions. Currently, I work for a small, successful ad agency in North Miami (Tropic Survival Advertising & Marketing).

WLRN: Tell us a little about your piece, a little about what you wanted to convey.

Kobert: This piece is indicative of the complicated and confusing nature of politics and decision-making. It made me glad I don't have to be one of the people to separate fact from fiction. With some exceptions, most politicians are probably not qualified to deeply understand these complicated matters that involve hundreds of millions of dollars.  It makes me question what really influences them to make their decisions.

WLRN: Now that you've dug into this sound more than the vast majority of us, anything funny/revelatory/ironic/profound that you noticed?

Kobert: While only included briefly in this piece, the recent Marlins' stadium deal stands out as the common reference point for all sides of what they do NOT want to be associated with. The politicians sheepishly recognize the errors of that deal while the Dolphins politely distance themselves as far as they can from their cross-town cousins. The Marlins are the team that shall not be named.

WLRN: Finally, what sound bites did you find yourself drawn towards? What do you think attracted you to those?

Kobert: The heart of this piece is the polar opposite views presented by Norman Braman and Dolphins President Mike Dee. Braman presents a classic "doom & gloom" scenario while Dee presents a well-rehearsed series of benefits of the deal, clearly the result of many hours of corporate PR consultations. I'd love to put these two in the same room and let them debate each other.  Now that would be entertaining!

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