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When it comes to climate change, one thing is certain: our oceans are rising. And South Florida is expected to be among the first regions on Earth to experience the impact. In fact, some initial preparations are already underway. WLRN-Miami Herald News presents a series of stories about the effects of sea-level rise. The project is called “Elevation Zero: Rising Seas In South Florida." Click through the pages below to see our entire archive of Elevation Zero stories.

RFK Jr.: Where The Feds Have Failed On The Environment, Carbon

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Credit robertfkennedyjr.com

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is no stranger to stirring up controversy. As the 50th anniversary of his uncle's assassination approaches, his previously secret diaries have brought forth more private revelations about him and his famous family.

But he may be more comfortable poking at the fossil fuel industry (which he calls “criminal”) while also acting as a green technology entrepreneur.

RFK, Jr. doesn't hold back on his dislike for the carbon industry. He blames the oil, coal and natural gas industries for poisoning the environment with carbon emissions and blames the federal government for allowing it to happen.

Drillers, distributors and even railroad companies which ship coal and oil are the modern day robber barons in his estimation. He calls it a "failure of democracy."  

The heated politics of commerce and climate change has been blamed for the inability of the U.S. to craft a comprehensive national energy policy.

But local governments, such as the four county governments in South Florida, have been successful in agreeing to work together across county lines on climate issues.

In our region, that means a big focus on the threat posed by rising sea-level. For three years, the four counties have signed onto the Southeast Florida Climate Change Compact, designed to encourage local governments to coordinate efforts and engage with state and federal agencies.