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DREAMers Receive Scholarships From Miami Dade College

Lisann Ramos

Miami Dade College announced last week that it will be giving scholarships to DREAMers--the undocumented students who have grown up in the United States and would like to attend college here. 

MDC has joined forces with TheDream.US, who will be providing the scholarships. 

On Tuesday the college held a ceremony at the Freedom Tower where the 22 Miami-Dade scholarship recipients signed their scholar commitment forms surrounded by their families and advisors. 

Fellow DREAMer and Miami Dade College alum Gaby Pacheco was also at the ceremony. She has been working hard to bring national attention to immigration reform. Her biggest hope for the scholarship program is that it doesn’t last much longer.

"The hope is that immigration reform passes and so this program will phase out," said Pacheco. "This is the year for the private sector and other people to wake up and start doing what they can in the community. We’re no longer going to wait for politicians and for DC to take action."

DREAMers are not eligible for federal grants and typically have a tough time getting scholarships because of their status.

TheDreams.US president Candy Marshall was also there. 

Credit Lisann Ramos
Miami Dade College president Dr. Eduardo J. Padron addresses the DREAMer scholarship recipients.

"This initiative is so important to right what we refer to as 'The Terrible Wrong,'" said Marshall. "They're as American as any other kid. They've gone to our elementary schools, our high schools, they're our prom kings and queens, they're on our debate teams, they're the football quarterback, and when they graduate they can't go to college with their peers."

One of the scholarship recipients is Federico Paseiro. He has been in the United States since he was seven years old.

"This is all I’ve known, this is my home, and I just want to make it the great nation that it is," said Paseiro.

In addition to the MDC students, there are 17 other DREAMers across the country who have also received the scholarship. 

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