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Gov. Rick Scott Promises Big Tax Cuts

Diego Saldaña-Rojas

Cuban music, pastelitos and guayaberas greeted Governor Rick Scott in Miami.

Scott spoke to a crowd of supporters and press at The Guayabera Lady, a store dedicated to selling the traditional Cuban garments.

The governor addressed and thanked his supporters in a combination of English and Spanish.

He noted the accomplishments of the county's school system, spoke about his upbringing, and then went against his adversary Charlie Crist. Scott said under Crist, Florida lost 832,000 jobs, saw reduced education funding and had its taxes raised by $2.2 billion.

"He had the Barack Obama playbook," said Scott. "Barack Obama says 'I'm going to raise your taxes, I'm going to spend your money. I'm going to raise debt.' Charlie did the same thing in Florida. ... Charlie Crist is a slick politician. He is a smooth talker. And I am not."

Scott said over the next year, his administration would cut a billion dollars in taxes, "because we know it's your money."

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