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News Service Of Florida: Can Jeb Fix It?

Michael Vadon

The News Service of Florida released a video in which executive editor Jim Saunders analyzes Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.

Saunders talks with Steve Wilkerson from Capital Dateline Online about Bush's campaign reboot.

After seeming like a strong contender in the primaries, Saunders says the former Florida governor's campaign seems to be going unnoticed.

Saunders says at this point in the presidential race "it doesn't seem like people are paying much attention" to Bush’s message or even “buying it." He says that maybe it's because people "don't know what's going on in Florida, or care."

With the new slogan “Jeb Can Fix It!", Saunders explains, Bush is “trying to tie together his experience as Florida governor to his presidential campaign to show people that he was a successful governor and he can be a successful president.”

"He's trying to remind people  about why he was a leading presidential candidate when this campaign started," Saunders adds.


Saunders has been covering Jeb Bush since his run for governor in Tallahassee, and has continued to cover him throughout his eight years in office. He says the national perception of Jeb Bush this year “is so much in contrast” compared to his years as Florida’s governor.


Watch the full interview here: