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Late For Early Voting In Hollywood

Caitlin Granfield

When people entered the Hollywood Branch Library on Tuesday to vote in the presidential primary, they learned that they were two days too late.

They said Broward’s online voter information page wasn’t clear and that they thought they could vote there through Tuesday.

Nonetheless, people like Christian Bauman, a 29 year-old Hollywood resident, hoped he could squeeze in his vote elsewhere.

He said he’s been a lifelong Democrat.

“I want to vote for Bernie just to show that I believe in his ideas,” he said,  “but I think Hillary [Clinton] is going to win.”

He credited Democrats with moving our country forward with more rights for LGBTQ people.

Bauman said he also believes that local elections are just as important as the presidential ones.

“I want to make more of an effort for people to vote for mayors, governors and congress people,” said Bauman, “because if you don’t put those people in there with the people you originally voted for, you’re not going to get your say through the public office the way that you want it.”

He’d like to see how the city plans to improve local issues like public transportation to get fewer cars on the road.