Army Corps Considering 10-Foot Walls To Protect Miami-Dade From Storm Surge

Feb 7, 2020

Climate change threatens to dramatically alter the coastal landscape of Miami-Dade in coming decades — one way or another.

It’s not just rising seas and the threat of stronger hurricanes that could do it. The emerging federal plan to protect communities from those climate risks could also remake entire neighborhoods — starting with running high walls, something akin to I-95 sound barriers, down miles of streets now lined with thousands of homes and businesses.

To get the land it needs for the 10- to 13-foot-high walls, the Corps could seize more than 350 properties through eminent domain. The plan also envisions massive moveable storm surge barriers at the mouths of Miami’s rivers and major drainage canals along Biscayne Bay. It would also elevate 10,000 homes and floodproof 7,000 buildings.

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