Arrested Associate Of Giuliani Shown In Photo, Video At Gov. DeSantis’ Victory Party

Oct 15, 2019

At least one of the South Florida businessmen who was arrested last week on campaign finance charges was an attendee of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ watch party on Election Night in November 2018, according to a Tampa Bay Times photo and a video posted to Twitter by a Reuters reporter Monday afternoon.

In a photograph by Times deputy director of photography Chris Urso, Lev Parnas is shown across from DeSantis, the two apparently looking at each other, as DeSantis smiles broadly while he greets the crowd at his Election Night watch party. It appears that the second arrested South Florida businessman, Igor Fruman, is taking a photo of Parnas and DeSantis with his iPhone.

In the video, Parnas is seen in the left of the frame, his top buttons undone, smiling amid the chaos of the watch party. DeSantis had just finished giving his victory speech on stage and was answering questions before a mass of TV cameras and reporters about his comeback win.

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