Attorney General Loretta Lynch Hosts Town Hall in Overtown

Feb 12, 2016

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is in Miami as part of a nationwide community policing tour.

Part of her visit is to highlight what’s working here with community and police relationships.


At a youth town hall at Booker T, Washington High, she spoke with student Peace Ambassadors -- a program at Miami-Dade Public schools in partnership with the U.S. State Attorney's Office in which students address violence and other social issues.  


Lynch said that around the country and in Miami-Dade students are at the forefront of working with police in their communities. 

"You were taking the initiative. You were looking to what you could do to improve your own community," she said to the auditorium full of students from various Miami-Dade high schools.

Lynch said the Peace Ambassadors program is an initiative that works,  and she plans on bringing back what she learned here to Washington D.C.

After the meeting, students and local police officers  had a chance to speak and mingle with each other.

Precious Graham, a junior at Booker T. Washington, got a chance to talk with a Miami-Dade police officer.


"From this whole thing, I got there are some officers that can  be trusted," she said. "There are some that actually want to help you and make the community a better place."