Bahamas Relief, Affordable Housing, and 'Baseball Dreams'

Sep 9, 2019

On the Monday, Sept. 9 episode of Sundial:

In the Bahamas

The death toll in the Bahamas stands at 44 and it’s expected to increase.

Relief efforts are underway – especially for the hardest hit areas of Abaco and Grand Bahama islands. Thousands are seeking help and many Bahamian evacuees are trying to leave and join families in Florida.

WLRN reporter Danny Rivero and WLRN’s Americas correspondent Tim Padgett went to Grand Bahama Island and describe the devastation.

Affordable Housing

Several reports have found that South Florida faces an affordable housing crisis. The Florida International University's Metropolitan Center wants to hear from folks about the best way to deal with the issue.

Ned Murray, associate director of the center, joins the show to talk about to this effort and the group’s insight.

“Baseball Dreams”

The dream of becoming a professional baseball player holds meaning for young Cubans who admired the sport during the 20th century. Cuban American author Ana Menéndez captures that spirit in her short story “Baseball Dreams,” which is part of the collection “In Cuba I was a German Shepherd.”

The Seminole Theatre in Homestead is putting on an adaptation of the story. Madelin Marchant is the Theatre Arts Director at South Miami Middle School Center for the Arts and a professional actress. She plays the mother in the production. Gabrielle Bechtinger, a 7th grader at South Miami Middle School, plays the daughter. The performers talked about their process and interpreting the plot Menéndez's story for the stage.