Boeing Airplanes Update, Miami Lost DNC Convention, Genius 100 Celebration & Puerto Rican Restaurant

Mar 14, 2019

The Federal Administration Agency has grounded all Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 aircrafts in the United States. Other countries including the UK, China, and Australia have taken a similar course of action. This comes as a result of a current investigation regarding two crashes that have occured over the past five months. The most recent incident was the Ethiopian Airlines flight that killed all 157 passengers on board. Miami Herald reporter Rob Wile has been following the story of the Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 jets that are under investigation, and he joined Sundial to give an update on the situation and how it impacts South Florida fliers.

There are many uncertainties surrounding the 2020 presidential race, but one thing is sure: The Democratic National Convention (DNC) will not be hosted in Miami. On Monday, DNC Chairman Tom Perez announced that the event leading up to the 2020 elections will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. David Smiley, Miami Herald political reporter joined Sundial to talk about the decision and how it may affect Miami.

Today is Albert Einstein’s 140th birthday and to celebrate, a community called the "Genius 100" will induct a new list of diverse and talented members. The group includes award-winning actors, Nobel prize winners, and artists. Venezuelan Maestro of the Miami Symphony Orchestra Eduardo Marturet is one of the members who will be officially inaugurated to the group in a special concert Thursday night. Sundial spoke to Marturet about the organization and about the event.

The Puerto Rican restaurant La Placita opened its doors in January. The face of the restaurant is a massive Puerto Rican Flag mural painted on the exterior of the building. Last week, the Miami’s Historic and Environmental Preservation Board voted against granting a permit that would allow for the mural to stay. The next city commission meeting where there appeal could be heard is April 11th. Sundial spoke to the CEO and President of La Placita Joey Cancel about the popularity of the restaurant and their ongoing fight with the city.