A Boycott And Prayer For President Donald Trump In State Of The Union Vigil In Overtown

Jan 31, 2018

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson protested the State of The Union address by hosting an interfaith prayer vigil in Miami’s Overtown community Tuesday evening.

She was one of 14 Democrats who opted to boycott President Donald Trump’s address.

“The president of the United States decided he was going to insult my community and I was not having it,” she said of Trump’s comments that Haiti and African nations were “shithole countries.”

Instead, she convened a State of the Union prayer at the Greater Bethel African Methodist Church.  Pastors and community members held hands and prayed for the poor, the sick and the underprivileged, and they prayed for Trump.

“We repent for the sins of our president. We repent for the sins of those who have turned a deaf ear to the hungry, the hurting, the least and the left out,” said Bishop James Adams.

In his prayer,  Adams asked the faithful not  only to rely on God, but to take action with their votes.

Pastor Marquise Hardrick prayed for the Affordable Care Act and equitable access to the healthcare system for all.

“Lord we ask you to stop and block whoever and whatever demonic forces that are trying to cripple the health care of this nation,” he prayed. “I pray God that you speak into the hearts of men and women who are in authority. “

Republican efforts to repeal what is popularly known as Obamacare have been unsuccessful so far, but critics point to recent moves by this administration, like eliminating the individual mandate, as evidence that health care is under attack by Republicans.

Alberta Godfrey, a congregant of the church, said prayer is the answer to address the challenges of Trump’s administration.

“Jesus taught that we should pray together,” said Godfrey, “that God’s power might be released to bind evil and to release the good.”