Broward College Students Ask Local Experts: 'What Is There For Me To Do About Climate Change?'

Oct 13, 2017

A packed auditorium at Broward College Thursday heard from local experts about how climate change and sea-level rise will affect the future. 

Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Broward County's chief climate resilience officer,  and her Miami-Dade counterpart,  James Murley, gave a talk at the South Campus. 

Students like psychology major Aurora Trejos, 23, came to ask Jurado and Murley if the data is really as "doom and gloom" as it seems. 

"Is it too late? Like honestly, is there a point, you know?" Trejos asked during the question and answer period of the talk."It's just, I always wanted to know, but I guess you can really never know the answer until you get to the future."

Jurado doesn't think it's too late at all. 

"Personal action does have the capacity to create change, and we all need to feel empowered," Jurado said. "We should not — and cannot — feel overwhelmed by this issue." 

Jurado focused her presentation on what students can do with basic information about things like carbon dioxide levels and water management practices to start feeling like they can make a difference in their neighborhoods. 

Another student asked the panelists about investing in better infrastructure to prevent flooding from sea-level rise. What kind of financial donations, coming from college students, would help these changes happen sooner rather than later?

Jurado said she's never heard that kind of question when delivering presentations before, and she was thrilled and surprised by the level of engagement that was coming from Broward's young adult crowd. 

You can find out more about what Broward County is doing to prepare for sea-level rise, and get tips on what you can do, by following @BrowardEnv on social media.