Broward Touts Its 340 Coronavirus Contact Tracers; Independent Model Says County Needs 1,580

Jun 30, 2020

Broward County Mayor Dale Holness said Tuesday that the county has just brought on board an additional 150 people to trace contacts of people who have coronavirus — almost doubling the number of people available to help combat the spread of the virus.

With the 150 people he said were “onboarded” Monday by the Broward County unit of the state Department of Public Health, Holness said there is a workforce of 340 involved in the effort.

But the number of contact tracers falls far short of the 1,580 needed in Broward County, according to a model developed by the Mullan Institute at the George Washington University. The contact tracer estimator, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, uses 14-day case counts to calculate the number of contact tracers needed to clear all cases within a week.

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