'Burn. Kill. Destroy.' Parkland Mass Shooter Claimed 'Demons' Drove Him To Violence.

Aug 6, 2018

Hours after he shot and killed 17 people at a Parkland high school, Nikolas Cruz sat in a Broward Sheriff’s police interrogation room. He was not defiant. Instead, he cast himself as a pathetic failure beset by a “demon” in his head.

Cruz spoke so softly a homicide detective could barely hear him. Cruz said he did not “deserve” a bottle of cold water offered by police. When a detective left the room, Cruz muttered to himself: “Kill me. Just f***ing kill me” and “I want to die.” He repeatedly called himself “stupid” and “lonely” and told police his family “would make me feel bad.”

When asked about the “voice” in his head, Cruz claimed it was his “evil side.” Even though he admitted thinking his arsenal of guns looked “cool,” he blamed the voice for making him buy guns, ordering him to kill animals and even listening to “evil” music.

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