Crime time with surfers and spies

Oct 1, 2018

8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - A detective inspector and his police team solve murder mysteries on the Caribbean Island of Saint Marie. 


HIDDEN SECRETS - Jake Peters, owner of a surf school, is shot dead and robbed in his workshop, despite it being locked from the inside, and there being no other possible way out. One of Jake's students are already wanted by the police for stealing from the company, but Humphrey then realises that there are two more students with a reason to want Jake dead. Jake's doctor informs Humphrey that Jake was terminally ill, helping Humphrey solve the case. When faced with competition for Camille, Humphrey steps up his signs of affection towards her. Commissioner Patterson also introduces Officer Florence Cassell, who prompts Dwayne to become a temporary workaholic.

8:50pm SOUTH FLORIDA CRIME TO CRIME - History of true South Florida crimes. 


THE 305 GOES 007 - Crooks, crooked cops and corruption might be the obvious criminal activity, but it's the not so obvious that makes you wonder who your neighbors really are.  South Florida happens to be the perfect place for a spy to blend in and go unnoticed for years.  Suburban secret agents have been here since World War II.   From Nazi spies to Cuban spies we learn who's been watching us and sharing our secrets.