Days Before Mega-Mall Vote, Miami-Dade Still Wrestling With Traffic Questions

May 15, 2018

He's set to vote Thursday on whether to bring America's largest mall to undeveloped land on the western edge of Miami-Dade's urban core. On Monday, Commissioner Xavier Suarez floated a complex new transit plan for the proposed American Dream Miami site, using elevated automated cars to ferry workers and visitors to and from the retail theme park.

"Without something like this," Suarez said convening a public meeting with two fellow commissioners about his transit plan, "I can't vote for a major development."

Suarez's hastily arranged public meeting with Commission Chairman Esteban "Steve" Bovo and Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz, whose district includes the 175-acre American Dream site, captures some last-minute maneuvering on the most sensitive topic surrounding plans for a $4 billion shopping destination so large it would dwarf Minnesota's Mall of America.

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