Deadly Haiti Earthquake Kills At Least 12 And Injures Scores As Aftershocks Continue

Oct 7, 2018

Haitian officials on Sunday said at least 12 people died and 188 were injured in a 5.9-magnitude earthquake that rocked the northern portion of the island Saturday, leaving a swath of damaged and destroyed buildings and a fearful population.

The quake and three aftershocks, including one 5.2-magnitude aftershock on Sunday afternoon, are what seismic experts consider to be “small to moderate.”

And while the death toll, concentrated in the northwestern port city of Port-de-Paix, remained a tiny fraction of the more than 300,000 who died in Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, experts said it underscores their warnings about how vulnerable Haiti remains to seismic activity and the devastation a larger quake will most likely have.

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