**The Democracy Project: A History, A Crisis, A Movement

Apr 30, 2013

** Please note this program did not air.

**04/30/13 - Tuesday's Topical Currents is with anthropologist and activist David Graeber.  Now London-based, he’s the author of THE DEMOCRACY PROJECT:  A History, A Crisis, A Movement. An avowed anarchist since the age of 16, Graeber has been credited with giving the “Occupy Wall Street” movement its “We Are the 99%” credo. He was one on the movement’s chief organizers. Tune in for Topical Currents Tuesday at 1pm on WLRN-HD1 rebroadcast at 7pm on WLRN-HD2 and audio on-demand after the live program.  ** There is no audio, this program did not air due to circumstances beyond our control.