Dream Sheets

Dec 7, 2019



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Yields: 4 entrees

For the Escabeche Spice Rub:

This is an indispensable spice mixture you will find yourself using on many things.

For the “Mofongo”:

Peanut or grape seed oil, as needed to coat the bottom of a pan

1 very ripe plantain, peeled and cut into ½ inch size pieces

2 ounces of cleaned foie gras cut into small pieces

2 ounces of butter cut into small pieces

salt and pepper, to taste

Heat a sauté pan until fairly hot. Now add some oil and fry the plantain pieces until they are quite dark on all sides. Adjust the heat as needed. Remove them to paper toweling to drain. Now place the cooked plantains in a bowl and mash in the foie gras and the butter. Season to taste.

For the chicken:

4 skin-on chicken breasts

¼ Cup cornmeal

¼ Cup flour

salt and pepper, as desired

Pre-heat an oven to 400 degrees.

Cut a pocket, crosswise into the center of chicken breast and spoon the mofongo into it. Fit as much as possible without it leaking out. Seal the pocket back up and season.

Now combine the flour and cornmeal with the salt and pepper and dredge the breasts one by one into that to coat evenly. Stud toothpicks into the chicken to keep the filling in place. Set aside.

Heat a heavy skillet and then add some cooking oil into it. Begin cooking the breasts, skin side down. Allow to get crisp on each side.

Now place the skillet into the pre-heated oven and cook approximately 15 minutes. Check the internal temperature. The internal temperature needs to be at 165 degrees.

Cook longer as needed. Remove and allow to rest a moment.