Eleven More Colleges Sign On To Gov. Scott's $10K Degree Challenge

Jan 28, 2013

Governor Rick Scott first challenged Florida colleges to create $10K degree programs in November.
Credit 401(K) 2013/Flickr

Governor Rick Scott was at Miami-Dade College's North campus today to announce that eleven more state colleges have accepted his challenge to create bachelor’s degree programs costing $10,000 or less.

That means all 23 Florida state colleges offering four-year degrees have signed on. 

Broward College is developing a bachelor's degree program in teacher education and business. President David Armstrong told the News Service of Florida that the goal is to open doors for more students.

"Maybe they and their families never thought about going to college because they thought they couldn’t afford it,” said Armstrong. “But to think about a $10,000 degree opens up that possibility for them. So that's what this is all about."

Randy Hanna, the Chancellor of the Florida College System, said in a statement that “all of the programs will be designed for bachelor degrees in the area of workforce development. Many of our colleges are targeting high demand programs where there can be significant impact in the local community.”

Gov. Scott issued the $10,000 challenge last November.