Examining The Welfare And Habitats Of Florida's Wildlife

Jan 12, 2015

01/12/15 - Today’s Topical Currents examines the welfare and habitats of our state’s wildlife.  We’ll hear from the executive director of the South Florida Wildlands Association, Matthew Schwartz. 

(L-R) Joe Cooper, Bonnie Berman, and Matthew Schwartz

A century ago, Florida was still a wild, thinly populated region, especially in the southern everglades regions.  It teemed with flora and fauna, balmy weather, and of course . . . “water, water, everywhere”.  Florida’s population has crept ahead of New York State’s.  Now, we’re third largest—and about 800 new residents arrive each day. This hour we’ll outline some of the most pressing areas, where development interests and energy production clash with environmental concerns.  Topical Currents Monday at 1pm.