Family Of Driver Killed In Wild Shootout Wants Answers From Cops

Dec 18, 2019

Two bystanders shouldn’t have been killed in a police shootout nearly two weeks ago, and the lawyers representing one victim’s family met with the police on Tuesday in a push for answers.

Commuter Richard Cutshaw and UPS driver Frank Ordoñez both were killed Dec. 5 when a storm of bullets was traded between police and robbers on a packed road in Miramar. The two robbers who led police on a chase also were killed in the shootout with at least 18 officers.

“There was a lot of time between when this pursuit started and the time Mr. Cutshaw and Mr. Ordoñez were killed,” said attorney Adrian Mendiondo at a news conference Tuesday. "I think everyone could agree that one, it could have ended differently and two, that it should have ended differently.”

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