Florida Roundup: Cuban Adjustment Act

Jan 16, 2015

Credit Don McDougall / flickr Creative Commons

On the Florida Roundup we talk to the area's journalists about the week's top stories. 

Cuban Adjustment Act

A Sun-Sentinel yearlong investigation finds more than $2 billion within two decades was fraudulently brought into Cuba and how the Cuban Adjustment Act plays a role in letting the criminals get away without prosecution. 


A day after the fifth anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake, the government is in limbo. President Michel Martelly is ruling by decree while its legislature does not have a quorum to pass legislation. 

Florida Department of Corrections

For months, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been under growing pressure to investigate cases of inmate injuries and deaths in the state’s prison system. But it may have been political pressure that cost the head of the department his job a month ago. And this week, the intrigue over Commissioner Gerald Bailey leaving the agency blew wide open.

Host Tom Hudson is joined by John Maines and Sally Kestin of the Sun-Sentinel, Tim Padgett from WLRN, Jacqueline Charles, Julie Brown and Chuck Rabin of the Miami Herald and Ben Fox from the Associated Press.

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