Florida Roundup: Miami-Dade Schools And Vaccinations

Feb 20, 2015

Credit Brittany Randolph / Flickr/Creative Commons

On the Florida Roundup we discuss the week's news with the area's top journalists.

Immigration Ruling

Pres. Obama's immigration reform plans were blocked after a federal judge put an order to halt the process. This hold has affected families in South Florida.


A review of vaccination rates in the state by the Miami Herald found more Miami-Dade kids, than compared to other counties, go to school without their shots.  Parents can exempt their children from immunization. The recent measles outbreak with at least four reported cases have school officials reviewing the issue.

Juniors in Florida high schools no longer have to prepare for an English and reading comprehension test added this year for Common Core. After Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart suggested to drop that exam among other recommendations, Gov. Scott will issue an executive order and urge lawmakers to get rid of the test. 

Solar Power

Floridians for Solar Choice has brought together 100,000 signatures in a petition to allow the practice of selling solar power between homeowners. State laws currently allow only utility companies to sell electricity to people, making it hard on homeowners to independently power their places with sunshine and make the costs affordable. The group's petition still has more reviews to go through before ending on the Nov. 2016 ballot.

Host Tom Hudson is joined by Ivan Penn of the Tampa Bay Times, Christina Veiga and Sergio Bustos from the Miami Herald, and Tim Padgett and John O'Connor of WLRN.

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