Florida Roundup: South Florida Mayors Call On Senator Marco Rubio For Climate Change Support

Jan 29, 2016

This week, a group of 15 South Florida mayors, from West Palm Beach south to Cutler Bay signed a letter sent to Senator Rubio calling on him to "acknowledge the reality and urgency of climate change."

The mayors want Senator Rubio to address a federal plan regarding climate change and, specifically, the threat of rising sea level in South Florida.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is not a climate change denier. During his run for the Republican presidential nomination, when asked about climate change, he acknowledged this issue, but that hasn't led him to push for any specific government actions.

"I believe climate change exists because we can measure that. The truth is the climate's always changing. It's always been changing and it will continue to change," said Senator Rubio in June during New Hampshire television station WMUR’s "Conversation with the Candidate" program. "What percentage is due to human activity, I don't know the answer to and scientists don't know the answer to."

The letter calls on Senator Rubio to meet with the mayors by Feb. 29, 2016 -- the day early voting begins in Miami Dade County for the presidential primary. Early voting begins in Broward on March 5.