The Florida Roundup: Wet Foot, Dry Foot Ends, The Airport Shooting & Death Penalty Limbo

Jan 16, 2017

Credit Miami Herald-Jennifer Smits

This week on The Florida Roundup...

The Obama administration repealed the "wet foot, dry foot" policy for Cubans. This ends a special privilege that allowed Cubans who make it to U.S. sand or soil to stay. 

Now, they will enter the immigration system on equal footing with other migrants hoping to stay in America. Associated Press News Director for the Caribbean Michael Weissenstein and WLRN's Americas Correspondent Tim Padgett discuss the change. 

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Also, following the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting, we speak with Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel on airport security and access to guns. 

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Plus, the state's death penalty remains in limbo. Florida currently has 384 inmates on death row, but court challenges and rulings have put capital punishment on hold. We preview WLRN's new documentary, Cell 1: Florida's Death Penalty in Limbo with the reporter and producer Wilson Sayre. 

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