The Florida Roundup: Zika Fight Gets Political, Early Voting in Florida & Screwworms

Oct 28, 2016

The Key deer only live in the Lower Florida Keys. They are protected by federal and state law.
Credit Credit Mark Hedden / WLRN

This week on The Florida Roundup...

The State of Florida has budgeted about 12 million dollars to help Miami-Dade County in its efforts to battle Zika and the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Now, Florida's Surgeon General is requesting a comprehensive Zika action plan from the county to detail spending. Mayor Gimenez says he will comply. Does this signify a rift between the state and the county? WLRN's Sammy Mack and The Miami Herald's Daniel Chang fill us in on the latest.

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The countdown until the election is on, but it's there have already been a few bumps along the road. There's a Broward County ballot controversy and arrests made in Miami-Dade County for election fraud. The Miami Herald's Amy Sherman and Politico's Sergio Bustos give us a look at the races. 

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Plus, we will go to The Florida Keys to take a look at a potentially dangerous outbreak of flesh-eating screwworms. We'll hear from the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as our WLRN's Nancy Klingener with Veternarian Dr. Doug Mader from our southernmost bureau. 

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