Into The Fray: Florida's Voting Issues And Ballot Measures

Nov 2, 2012

Florida is ready to vote. Or is it?  Over 3 million Floridians have already voted early in person or by absentee ballot.  Early voting totals continue to be strong in mostly Democratic South Florida.  For many, lines at the polls are long, while still others wait by the mailbox for their absentee ballots.  

Early voters have faced long wait times. Above, voters at the Miami Beach City Hall.
Credit Alicia Zuckerman

And for many, the delay is partly attributable to the numerous proposed state constitutional amendments.  The amendments came from state legislators, as it has gotten easier for state lawmakers to get amendments on the ballot, particularly with one party control of both houses.  Here is a guide put together by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and Voters Edge, partners with WLRN for reporting on these ballot measures. 

All eyes are on Florida, or, as one listener new to Florida put it, it's not the sun shining on Florida, it's the political spotlight.  What makes us the "purple state"?  Kenny Malone tells us what he found traveling around the state for Dispatches from the Swing State.  

While most voters have focused on the presidential race, there are several key national races as well.  Perhaps few have paid attention to the U.S. Senate race, where incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson hopes to keep the one statewide office held by his party, because of the plethora of inaccurate claims by Nelson and Republican challenger Connie Mack.  

Our panelists are Aaron Sharockman of the Tampa Bay Times and Politifact Florida, Myriam Marquez of the Miami Herald, and Ashley Lopez of WLRN- Miami Herald News.