Grandson Of Fidel Castro Shares His Life Of Luxury Aboard Yachts And More On Instagram

Jan 5, 2019

Vacations on the Maya Riviera. A visit to the Basilica of the Sacred Family in Barcelona. A BMW. Expensive meals and a tour aboard a yacht. Those are some of the photos shared by Tony Castro, grandson of the late Fidel Castro, on his private Instagram account.

It may seem like just another young man sharing his good times with more than 1,000 followers, but some who got a peek at the privileged lifestyle questioned who’s paying for the expensive excursions. Tony, who is in his early 20s, is only known to work as a male model.

It’s not clear if Tony, son of Fidel’s son, Antonio Castro Soto del Valle — a well-known Cuban baseball official and orthopedic surgeon — was under contract with a fashion enterprise during his travels.

The photos, published months ago, have sparked controversy on social media after they were published by various South Florida media outlets. El Nuevo Herald obtained the images from one of Tony’s Instagram followers.

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