Haiti President On Demands For Him To Resign: ‘It Would Be Irresponsible On My Part’

Oct 16, 2019

Haiti’s embattled president broke a weeks-long silence Tuesday, telling his protesting nation that while he hears their cries in the streets, he has no intentions of stepping down.

“It would be irresponsible on my part for me to stand here today, to sign and submit a letter of resignation and say ‘I am leaving’ and leave the country like this and the system regenerates itself,” President Jovenel Moïse said during an impromptu press conference on the grounds of the National Palace.

Casting himself as the victim of Haiti’s constitution and “a system” that encourages underdevelopment and misery, Moïse evoked the language of his critics over Haiti’s outgrown system in hopes of quelling tensions as Haiti faced a fifth week of paralysis.

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